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About us

Center The House of Mercy - is a charitable organization, which was established in August 2003 in the city of Vatutin, Cherkasy region.

Today, the House of Mercy - is a structure that consists of the following areas: Assistance to Children, Youth Help, Assistance to Women and Assistance to the Elderly.
If you are an elderly person, a child, or a single mother with a child (children), if you are in a difficult position - our Center of Mercy Center is always happy to provide you with help and support. Doors of the House of Mercy are always open to you!

Our goal - is social adaptation and social protection of people who are in difficult life situations:

· Providing direct assistance to the child, by arranging for her necessary living conditions, a healthy environment, medical care, training, involvement in socially useful work, etc .;

· Creation of decent and necessary living conditions for deprived people, their nutrition, clothes, bed and linen, furniture, and personal hygiene facilities;

· Provision of medical supervision, advisory medical aid in close cooperation with health care institutions;

· If possible, providing special facilities for people with special needs (eyeglasses, hearing aids, orthopedic products, prosthetics, special means for travel, etc.);

· Campaigning and social-practical activities to prevent abortions and mothers' refusal from newborn babies;

· Providing free psychological, social-pedagogical, socio-economic, informational and legal services to single mothers and pregnant women who have been in difficult life situations;

· Providing housing for youth after boarding, and elderly people who were in a crisis situation on the terms of payment for their consumption of heat and electricity, water and wastewater services and other utilities, without charging for housing.


The basic principle of our work is the community of respect for common Christian values, and a sense of family support. We are building and maintaining family relationships with people living in the Otchiy Dom, as well as those who have already left their walls.

Always in the center of our attention is the specific fate of a particular person, and we are looking for the best ways to help her.

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