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The celebration of Ivan Fedorovych's 67th birthday took place in a special atmosphere, as this important day was celebrated surrounded by close friends and the management of the House of Mercy. Festive cake and sincere congratulations... Everyone together created an unforgettable atmosphere and gave Ivan Fedorovych bright impressions on this special day


Children's Camp "Happy Time"

Recently, the charity organization Imoce organized an unforgettable summer camp, "Happy Time," for the children of our city. They had a great time with an incredible team, enjoying sweet cotton candy, contests, trampolines, and games. We sincerely thank Imoce for creating unforgettable memories for our children. Despite the weather conditions, the kids and their parents were impressed, happy, and very grateful to the team. We thank you for providing us with a truly joyful summer celebration!

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        Safety Comes First

"Institution Successfully Completes Safety and Psychological Support Training Organized by the Mobile Brigade of the NGO 'Ukrainian Educational Platform' with the Support of UNICEF"

During the training, participants gained valuable knowledge about identifying dangerous objects and understanding their potential consequences. They also learned how to behave correctly in risky situations and acquired strategies to cope with stress.

This training was a crucial step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of our adolescents. Our institution intends to continue organizing similar events, involving even more young people in learning about safety and psychological support.

This successful training underscores the importance of initiatives focused on educating and protecting adolescents to ensure their development and safety. We express our gratitude to the Mobile Brigade of the NGO 'Ukrainian Educational Platform' and UNICEF for this valuable collaboration.

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Recently, a young man called Vlad, who joined our team to complete the practice of a psychologist, visited us. His arrival was a real pleasant surprise for us and for our residents. Vlad showed impressive empathy, understanding and care for our seniors. He conducts individual consultations with residents, helping them to understand and cope with their emotional experiences and difficulties. A young psychologist creates a friendly and open atmosphere where our residents can feel comfortable and heard. He listens to their stories, shares useful advice and provides support in difficult moments.

Vlad not only understands the needs of our residents, but also has the ability to communicate with them on various levels. He enriches our House of Mercy with his knowledge, energy and positive attitude. We are grateful to Vlad for his contribution to our community. His presence became a real source of love and support for our residents. And we can't wait for the further successes and achievements that working together with him will bring us.

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Today Lida Borysivna Vorontsova turned 70. Unfortunately, she doesn’t celebrate her anniversary in her hometown of Kramatorsk, not in her own apartment, not with her dear family... The terrible war made its own adjustments, forcing woman to seek shelter hundreds of kilometers from her hometown and she found her new home with us. Life goes on, so on this day we want to congratulate dear Lida Borysivna on her jubilation and express our most sincere wishes. May all the good deeds you do return to you a hundredfold. May your heart never know grief again, may your smile shine brighter and brighter every day, and most importantly, a peaceful sky above you and above all of us. Health, inspiration and God's Blessing!

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          Children's camp

What kid’s camp can do without colorful activities? We were visited by superheroes who inspired us to be strong and don’t be afraid of anything. But we know that none of superheroes can compare to Jesus Christ, Who Defeated death and Gave us salvation.

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