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Charitable Organization Vatutinskiy Social Care Center
«House of Mercy»

About us

The House of Mercy "The Source of Love" is the place where lonely elderly people live and receive help, who remain face to face with life and can not do without extra help. The Charity House is located in Vatutin city of Cherkasy region and was opened in 2011. This project is part of the Social Assistance and Protection Center "The House of Mercy".

Today in the center there are about 30 lonely people. The center is arranged on a high European level - spacious rooms with bathrooms, one for two rooms, height adjustment beds, a medical room, a large hall with a plasma TV, a dining room, which provides a decent meal. For those people who can not move on their own, there are buses on which they are transported. Help to take an active part in general work in the center of the center.
People live in private rooms for two people, and about their lives are worried by the staff at home.
By launching this project, we seek to draw the attention of society to the elderly, and do not leave hope to influence the consciousness of relatives and relatives.
The center's construction and equipment was implemented through charitable donations.

We want pensioners' lives to be at the epicenter of public attention so that every elderly person can count on support and not feel isolated from society, but not feel like a citizen of the second brand.

Our goal is

Ensure proper living conditions, social services for the elderly, who need external care, and psychological, legal, and spiritual help.

Target Category:

- Old people who do not have living conditions, financial support for their future existence;

- Old people who do not have able-bodied relatives or persons who are legally obliged to withhold them;

- Sophisticated elderly people who, due to their age and / or state of health or family circumstances, need external care, household care, medical care, which, according to a medical report, do not have socially dangerous illnesses.

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