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Charitable Organization Vatutinskiy Social Care Center
«House of Mercy»

About us

The greatest happiness for every child is to have a strong and friendly family. How sweet on the heart of a mother's smile, how warm and cozy in her father's arms ... And, unfortunately, millions of children are deprived of parental attention and care, and their eyes are filled with unspeakable pain and uncertainty in their future.

How little in the world of sympathetic and loving people who would agree to warm up with warmth and affection, to give the family to destitute children. But, fortunately, there are such people in whose chest there is a big and sincere heart ...

Serhiy and Alina Voitenko more than fifteen years ago united their lives together. In their hearts, the desire to help children was burning: they also worked in children's camps, in children's clubs, and with homeless children. And children's pain and difficult luck were seen around. The question that constantly bothered them was: "How can you help a child feel joy and happiness, how to give comfort and warmth?" The answer was obvious: they themselves decided to become a family of disadvantaged children, to worry and to cherish them, to love and to help ...

In February 2006, they received the status of candidates for adoption and sent for the acquaintance with children to the regional children's home. The boy Sasha and the girl, Inna, became the first children in the family, where a serene laugh and happy children's voices came in. A few years later, the Voytenki family adopted two more children: Arseny and Alina.

In the spring of 2012, a significant event took place in the life of this married couple: they visited the Vatutin Center for the Social Care of the Child "Otchy Dim", where they received an invitation to cooperate: the creation of a family-type orphanage on the basis of the Vatutinsk Center. It was a great chance and opportunity to help a few more children left without parental care.

The decision was made, and in the summer of 2012 the family moved to the city of Vatutina. In November of the same year, the Vatutinsky Executive Committee issued an order for the creation of a family-type orphanage based on the Voytenki family.

At present, the family is raising ten foster children. Twenty happy eyes look at the future boldly, because they know: they have a dad and mom who will always be close by, help, bend and warm, guide on the right path, give love and affection ... After all, this is the greatest happiness - to have a big, friendly and loving family!

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