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Charitable Organization Vatutinskiy Social Care Center
«House of Mercy»

About us

The "Mother and Child" Social Center for the "House of Mercy" operates in Vatutina.

The main goal of our center is to support pregnant women, and prevent the refusal of parents from newborn babies.

The center addresses the housing problem, which is most often the most important reason for leaving a child, as well as provision of free psychological, socio-pedagogical, legal, socio-economic and informational services. In the center we strive to develop a friendly attitude towards universal Christian values, to bring love for the child, to teach their finances, to prevent their use of alcoholic and narcotic substances, to teach them to live a full-fledged public life.

The Center provides assistance to women in the seventh and ninth months of pregnancy and mothers with children from birth to eighteen months who find themselves in difficult life circumstances that impede the fulfillment of maternity

To enroll in the center you must provide:

-writing statement;


-identification code;

-country birth certificate;

-medical card (certificate);

-list-petition from the family service.

We appeal to all non-indifferent people who can provide any help for our Center so that our Ukraine becomes a country without orphans. We will be grateful for the support, both prayer and finance.

When transferring, indicate the purpose of the payment: "Voluntary donations for the Mother and Child Center".

May God bless you and your family sincerely and sincerely for the fact that you gave your mother a chance to feel the responsibility of motherhood and love for their own children.

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